. two sneak peaks .

So, I am gone today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday), and I wanted to leave you with some pictures from recent shoots. I am off to state volleyball in Provo, so wish us luck!

Who wouldn't want one of these under their Christmas tree! :) Isn't he precious? Just a little over a week old. More to come of him and his big sis, mommy and daddy.

And an engagement session with Ana and Ted. Can't wait to get back and dig into all these!

Have a great two days without me and let me know what you think!!!


. another small preview .

I finished this while I was at school and thought it was super cute, so I thought I would share....I promise more are coming!!

*Click to see larger image*


. it's a long one .

Alright...so finally...I get to do a long post of these guys! Meet Austin and Violet. Vi and I have known each other since forever! Our families were good friends, so we had many adventures together camping and going on family trips! We also played high school sports together, and spent many long bus rides together talking about various things (Burlington boys...HA!),  going on random road trips, etc. etc. 

Anyway...my point is....Vi is an awesome person. I have ALWAYS admired and looked up to her and I am so happy that she has found the love of her life! Austin seems like a great guy, and I'm glad they have each other!! Thanks guys for letting me shoot your engagements! I hope you love them!! 
. sorry, but this is my ALL-TIME FAVE!!! can you say GORGEOUS!!! (ps, I'm sure I will have a lot more all-time faves! :)
. just one of them smiling...lol, I swear they weren't serious all the time!

.  I dunno how I actually did this one, but I thought the edit turned out pretty cool...

. I liked this edit too...(sorry there are so many different ones. I had fun trying new things!)

. another of them happy and smiling!!!!

Love you guys!!!

PLUS!!!! See what's coming soon.....

let me know what you think! :)


. just one .

...for now. I saw this picture when I was downloading the pics on my computer, and had to get it edited. I absolutely love how it turned out. Aren't they such a cute family? Stay tuned for more....

. benson fam .

. just a quick sneak peak of this cute little girl .

What a cute family I was able to photograph tonight. I'll be posting more soon! STAY TUNED!!!

ENJOY! Let me know what you think!


Mr. "C"

So, here some more of little "C". He wasn't very happy about taking pictures, but as soon as he saw the playground, he decided it would be fun to have us chase him around while he played. It was a fun little adventure. Enjoy!

I love the cute little face he made in this first one.
Two totally opposite emotions. (I promise I didn't make him cry. I was just stopping him from going up too high, and he wasn't happy about it...) But it's still so cute.


I love this last one of "C" and his mom. Thanks for the fun time!!
Let me know what you think!!