. violet's bridals .

These pictures were all taken in my hometown of Cokeville, Wyoming. In all the 18 years that I lived there, I never imagined the beautiful possibilities that area had to offer. I drove by all these locations a thousand times and never thought twice. Now, I wish I could take all my brides and grooms back there to do all our shoots! :) Of course, it did help to have a GORGEOUS bride who was incredibly easy to photograph! Thanks for your patience with me Vi. I loved working with you!!

I totally love this shot. What a trooper Vi was to climb on that wall in heels and a dress!
Seriously, I think she has an amazingly gorgeous serious face!

**Photographer's Choice**

Vi has such gorgeous eyes! I love them!

The fall leaves were so gorgeous! I love the bright colors!

Enjoy! And feel free to leave any comments! :)

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