. changes and contests .

So, I just wanted to let my viewers out there know about some changes I am going to be making over the next little while. I have a new blog in the works (yes again! ha, but I love it, so hopefully you will too!) Plus I am going to be making changes in my pricing. I just want to give my clients a few more options, while at the same time keeping my prices affordable. I will speak more on this later when I have more time, but just wanted to make everyone aware of that! :)

Second thing, I want to have some contests where my viewers can have the chance to win things from BTA Designs, discounts, cards/announcements/invitations, etc. However, I don't know how many viewers I actually have...so....if you are a regular, or just a blog stalker, leave a comment on this post letting me know you're interested. I believe my comments allow anyone, but if you aren't able to comment, send me an email, and I will put you in there. I had some great ideas for contests, so I'm hoping that everyone will comment...Let all your friends know as well!!! I love being interactive with my viewers, and I want to give away some fun prizes!!

Alright, and I will just leave you with this small sneak peek that I have waited forever to post. SORRY! The rest are coming soon!!

ENJOY...and be sure to COMMENT!!!

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Blush said...

i like contest :)