Ana & Ted Wedding | Logan, Utah

So, it seems like FOREVER ago that we did these two’s engagements, and now they are FINALLY married!! WOO HOO!! What a beautiful day for a wedding too. The weather was pretty nasty all week, but the day they got married couldn’t have been better. Especially for their outdoor reception. I had a blast at their reception. They have such a fun and sweet family. It was great! Now the happy couple is enjoying their married life down in FLORIDA (can you say JEALOUS?!?) and I wish them the very best! Enjoy some random shots from their day!

They got married in the Wellsville Tabernacle. (I’d never been there, and when I tried calling Ana, I couldn’t get through. She had changed her number, and needless to say, I was kinda freaking out. Luckily she gave me a call, and gave me directions. Good thing too, I would’ve ended up who knows where trying to find it! lol)

 Ana looked GORGEOUS. I loved her dress. And she does a great ‘blue steel’. lol.

QUOTE “I’m going to put this on facebook.” UNQUOTE! (lol. Ana’s sister, and her sister’s best friend. Super cute girls, and so nice. lol…I don’t remember which one said that, but it made me laugh!)

CONGRATS you guys! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. ENJOY Florida…(and married life! :)

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