Davis Family

Alright, so I may be a little bias, but this is one of the cutest families EVER!!! Holy cows these kids are the cutest things ever. I just want to squeeze them! Oh wait…I did…haha…this family is my sister and her hubby and kids. They live like a million miles away, so we rarely get to see them. Thanks to my sister getting married in August, and my brother coming home from his mission in July, they made the trip up here with a 3 year old, and 8 month old twins! This is the first time I’ve ever met the twins, and oh my heck they’re even cuter in person!! Different as can be, but so cute. Lilli is such a character. I’ll have to post some pics I took of her just randomly. It was so much fun to have them here, and we hope that when they move next year, they don’t move TOO FAR away!!

This is Aidan. He’s the baby of the family. We had such a hard time getting a single picture of him. He did NOT want to be put down, so his dad is holding him in this picture. But he is SO cute!!

Nope, they’re not identical (obviously!) But this is Alex. He is so funny. He’s always happy and smiling, and again, such a doll! Love him!

This is Lilli. She is so cute, right? And such a character. The first day they got to our end of the world, I was playing with her outside and I stepped on a pine needle (I call them pricklies) and I said, “oooh Ouch!” And Lilli asked me what happened, so I told her, and about 2 seconds later, she said, “Ooooh, Ouch!” I asked her what happened, and she said, “I stepped on a prickly!” haha…what a nerd. She is just so fun, and I love her lots.

And here is the cute family! I love this picture, even though the kids aren’t looking at the camera. I just think it’s darling!

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