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Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation 1

I am still a bit in denial that summer is basically over. Fall is upon us folks! I have a few different fall designs in my shop that can be for any occasion, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, etc.

:::::::::::::: DID YOU KNOW ::::::::::::::
If you see a design you love in my shop that is a bridal or baby shower invitation, but you want to turn it into a birthday invitation, all you need to do is shoot me a message and I can make it happen.

Here is my newest design that can easily be changed to fit your party type, and from 8/30-9/15, you can get this listing for 20% off!

Option 1: Teal and Orange
Option 2: Bright Pink & Orange
And here is the same design for a Bridal Shower instead of a Baby Shower 
Plus all the colors can be customized! There are more colors shown in my shop, so be sure to check it out. Happy Fall Y'all!


Holiday Card #4

Here is  a fun, yet simple Year in Review card.
Keep it simple with a single photo, brief highlights (5 or less words), and a paragraph for your favorite memory of the past year.

Choose your own colors, traditional Christmas colors, or choose colors to match your photo.

If you don't love the graphics used, ask for something different. I have a variety to choose from.

These customers wanted to announce that they were adopting. We changed the layout a little bit to include their state graphic, life in numbers, and a brief bio.

Most of my designs can have more (or less) photos than shown. These customers chose to have 3 photos, and they also wanted to show of  where they traveled, and used the country flags instead of a map. I love when you have ideas I have thought of yet!
I have the most creative customers, and I love that none of the cards I create are the same. You can see additional versions here:


Holiday Card #3

Holiday Card #3 was one of the very first ones I sold, and I love it! I love the back that shows off fun pictures throughout the year, and the infographic side has so many options available. I love creating this one!
I've always been a fan of lime green, and it is perfect for this Card.

I'm also obsessed with instagram, so what better way to show off some of those pictures than on the back of this card.

Show off your top highlights, where you call home, some of your favorite places, about each family member, how long you've been married, and your year in numbers.

If you're looking for a not-so-traditional Christmas colors, this blue and red is perfect. Use a different font, and change the sections up just a bit.

Yellow and Navy are always fun colors. These guys included a map of their travels in this design.

A different variation of red, blue and white. Include your favorite places to visit as a family, or some of your favorite activities.

Keep it simple with a few highlights, travels, Year in Numbers (with graphics), favorite places, and quotes!

I love the colors chosen for this card. I love that they are bright and fun, but still have a Christmas-y feel. I also love that they wanted infographics to show off their highlights. 

 I love greys and red, and this one is a perfect blend of both.

You don't need a lot of details, but if you have them, we can make the "About Us" or "Highlights" section bigger to fit all you have to say. 

This was a fun card to make for a single gal. Once again we used the graphics to highlight her Year in Numbers, and she included a pie chart to show what she is grateful for. We also used some fun fonts. 

You don't have to put a lot of photos on the back. Keep it simple with one photo, and a Christmas greeting. 

There are SO MANY fun variations, and these are just a few. You can see additional versions here:


Holiday Card #2

The Holiday Season is slowly creeping upon us, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite variations of the first holiday card I designed. (You'll notice, however, that it is not #1 but #2. Let's just say I have a folder full of ones that I started, and haven't completed!)

This color scheme has been one of the more popular schemes. A nice mint-ish green and greys. 

A different color scheme, with a bit more information for each family member, plus a space for their beloved pet. Remember, though, the more words in the description there is, the smaller the type will be.

This is one of my favorite designs from 2014. I love the red and gold color scheme they chose. The map is outlined in the gold, and they chose to list their highlights, instead of put them in paragraph form. I also love that they chose to use their Holiday card as a pregnancy announcement.

This design was for one of my favorite repeat customers. She knows what she wants, and will keep asking until it's perfect. Totally fine! I want you to be completely satisfied with your design. The color choice here is perfect! The mix of navy, mint and gold is gorgeous. Instead of a travel map, she chose to have a family photo instead. This card was also the perfect opportunity to announce their new address.

Don't think you have to have kids to send out a family holiday card! Instead of using the "kid section" for kids, they chose to highlight the movies they saw, the restaurants they loved, and the songs they listened to. They put a small photo in the bottom corner, and they chose different fonts. If you see a font on another design that you want, just let me know! I will be happy to switch them out.

Keep the information simple, show off your worldly travels, list your favorites, and add a fun bar graph.

I love the dark background with the lighter accents. The large world map in the center is also a fun addition.

This is a fun way to show off your family travels with the larger map section.

I love adding fun graphics to show off your highlights. Don't forget about your pets, and add a fun "Year in Numbers" section.

This sweet customer had triplets shortly before Christmas. She wanted to show off her new babies, so we added three photos with a very short description for each of them.

Those are just a few variations of the same design. There are so many options available, simply message me for details. You can see additional versions here: