Lindsay & Devin's Wedding Day

As you can see from this first picture it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a wedding. Their pictures turned out beautifully! They looked so happy and so in love, and that just makes the picture 10 times better! Thanks Linds and Dev for letting us shoot your wedding! :)

There were so many like this one below that were absolutely gorgeous. You could just see how in love they are!

I couldn't decide between the next two...Love them both!

Shawna & Adam Wedding 2

Here is the actual wedding day. We took a ton more pictures, mostly family, but still a few of just the bride and groom. They had so much family support there. We got so many good shots! 

I love watching the bride and groom while there is so much hustle and bustle going on around them. They are so happy and in their own little world, a photographer can capture some beautiful pictures without them even knowing!

Shawna & Adam Wedding 1

These two are such a cute couple. I have known Adam my entire life (, but Shawna I met on the day of this shoot. They were so much fun, and totally fit together. They came down the day before they got married, so we felt no rush. It was a very hot and BRIGHT day, but they had so many good pictures, it was hard to choose just a few...which is why there are so many of them, and this is just from the first day. I hadn't realized how many there were of them kissing, but hey, they're nearly-newly-weds. It's okay! :)

I don't know why, but i just love these black and white ones!

Lindsay's Wedding Announcement

I LOVED their announcements. I sat down with Lindsay and we designed them, and they turned out so cute! Here is just the photo part of it. The actual announcement part is printed on vellum paper the size of the middle picture. It covers the middle picture and is tied together with blue ribbon. SO CUTE!!!

Lindsay & Devin Engagements

Lindsay and I have been friends forever. One day I was chatting with her and she says "Bre, I'm gonna need your help." My response, (immediately knowing what she was talking about), "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" I didn't even know she was dating anyone! But she met Devin and immediately fell in love. He is so much fun, and we had such a good time taking pictures. There was my mom, her mom, me, those two, and Lindsay's younger sister along for the adventure. It was a beautiful day, and all the pictures turned out so good!

Wedding Announcement

Here is the wedding announcement that I designed for these two....

Aub & Buck's Big Day...

So, the big day finally arrived. Aubrey and Buck got married on a Friday (Friday the 13th to be exact), but we went down the day before to do all of their pictures around the temple so we wouldn't have to rush on their wedding day. It was so nice. I highly recommend doing formals BEFORE the actual wedding day if you aren't superstitious about the groom seeing the bride in her dress before the big day. (If you are superstitious, the day of is a great day too! :) It was a really windy day, but their pictures turned out so cute! Love you guys!!

I just love this one below.

This is typical Buck and Aub! I love it!

This next one is on of my favorite pictures of the day!

Love this one too! SO HAPPY! :)Congrats you guys! Thanks for letting us shoot your wedding!