Vi & Austin...Part I

There is SO MUCH MORE TO COME! I'm warning you now...Enjoy this sneak peek for now...(Sorry for those of you who are readers of my personal blog as well...)


. first things first .

I know there are a lot of people waiting for me to update this thing with some pictures...Well, at least three...Vi, Austin, and myself...however, first things first. I shot this little boy before I did an engagement and bridal session with Vi and Austin, so I figured that I should do this one first since I'm sure his mommy would also love to see what was captured yesterday.

I know, it's just one for now, but I will post more soon. Vi and Austin...yours is coming shortly!

ENJOY this little cutie for now!


. happy 1 year .

So, I've decided to start wishing my past weddings happy anniversaries! Especially since most of them are my close friends. Aub, Buck, sorry I missed your 1 year. I will give you a double on your 2 year! :) But...

Dev and Linds were married in the Salt Lake Temple on September 20, 2007. They are true blue BYU cougars, having the time of their life living in Provo and going to school... (haha, I think it's supposed to be true blue Aggies, but I'm changing it since I'm not an Aggie fan! go figure since I live in Logan...) and from the sounds of it, married life for them so far has been awesome. I wish you both the very best, and I can't wait for you to start having babies!! (can I say that?! :)

Love you guys! Congrats on 1 year!!!


. cache valley special .

For all you Cache Valley readers out there....

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Have a great weekend everyone!


. story boards .

So, I've never really done a story board before, so I thought I'd give it a try...ummm...I think I really like them! :)

. click on image to see larger view .



. more 'b' and 'k' .

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Here's a few more of these cute little girls...

Let me know what you think! :)


Coming Soon....

A new line of HOLIDAY CARDS as well as a line of TWIN BOY & GIRL BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT (my sister is having twin boys and complained that I didn't have any boy announcements...the things I do for my nieces and nephews! :) More pics of these cute little girls to come as well!

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