. happy new years eve .

Crazy that it's totally the end of the year, right? Wow! This year has flown right on by! I'm excited that yet another year is coming though!

Anyway, so as I mentioned earlier, I will be making a few changes to BTA Designs. One is the pricing. There will be more options while you still get a low, low price! :) I would also like to focus a little more on designing announcements/invitations/cards/etc. I love designing, and want to do more of it. I also have a new blog in the works, that shouldn't be too much longer until it's up and running! YAY! I am also going to make an effort to make my blog a little more personal. I want you as potential clients to be able to get a feel of who I am as a photographer. I will get started with that by posting a little something personal....

I am an aunt to SEVEN adorable little rug-rats. (With two more on the way! YAY!) The most recent came in as a pair about two weeks ago. My oldest sister Shari had TWIN BOYS! Talk about a shock when we all first found out she was having twins! Sure enough, a few (lot) weeks later, we have two little boys. However, Shari, her husband and now three children don't live anywhere close to us (Georgia!) so we only get to see pictures of the cuties. What else is an aunt to do than create a tri-fold birth announcement to not only show off her adorable nephew, but to also add another design to her portfolio! Here are the little cuties and their big sister! I miss them, and I am currently taking donations to get me a flight out to Georgia to take their baby/family picturs! (hehe, jk, though it would be fun....:)

Anyway, without further ado...(Click on the image to see it bigger!)

Also, just wanted to share a sneak peek of this ADORABLE little girl...LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!! Oh...I'm totally obsessed with it! (Ask her mommy and daddy, I couldn't stop commenting about it!) Anyway..just one for now. More to come soon...


. more of the sanders .

Here are a few more of the Sanders family. Enjoy!

I think this is how little "C" really felt about me at the end of the shoot! :) Cute, right?!

Also, REMEMBER...only a few days left to get your Logan shoot for 50% off. You don't have to have the shoot by the 31st, you just have to book! Check out the "specials" on the right for more information, and be sure to email me! 

. more cuteness .

I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas! I sure did! Here are a few more of baby "E". He is a doll, right?

This little outfit was SO adorable!

Cute little grin...Love it!
I love his blue eyes. So precious!

*Click to see bigger* So cute...Can't get enough!


. merry Christmas .

So...I've been kinda slacking on the blog, so I thought I would leave this bit of holiday cheer for now. My hubby has to work tomorrow night (sad, I know!) so I will try and get more of this shoot, plus more of the Sanders family. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

This little guy made the funniest (CUTEST) faces! So fun...

Stay tuned for more! :)

Also, just a little thought...I got Jessie & Kelly's wedding announcements back. They are double sided, and I LOVE them!! I would HIGHLY recommend paying a little extra to get printing on the back. (It's not a lot extra. Even if you just put something simple on the back). I will post what they look like later on...And on that note. All of the 5x7 single sided announcements on my website can be changed into double sided.


. sanders sneak peek .

Just a quick peek at this cute little family! ENJOY!

Andee...I will be emailing you the link tomorrow! Thanks for coming up here and letting me photograph your family!


. jessie & kelly .

Here are just a few from Jessie & Kelly's engagement session. Enjoy!

Doesn't Jessie just have a beautiful smile? I love it!

**Photographer's Choice** I love this one below...
Let me know what you think!


. changes and contests .

So, I just wanted to let my viewers out there know about some changes I am going to be making over the next little while. I have a new blog in the works (yes again! ha, but I love it, so hopefully you will too!) Plus I am going to be making changes in my pricing. I just want to give my clients a few more options, while at the same time keeping my prices affordable. I will speak more on this later when I have more time, but just wanted to make everyone aware of that! :)

Second thing, I want to have some contests where my viewers can have the chance to win things from BTA Designs, discounts, cards/announcements/invitations, etc. However, I don't know how many viewers I actually have...so....if you are a regular, or just a blog stalker, leave a comment on this post letting me know you're interested. I believe my comments allow anyone, but if you aren't able to comment, send me an email, and I will put you in there. I had some great ideas for contests, so I'm hoping that everyone will comment...Let all your friends know as well!!! I love being interactive with my viewers, and I want to give away some fun prizes!!

Alright, and I will just leave you with this small sneak peek that I have waited forever to post. SORRY! The rest are coming soon!!

ENJOY...and be sure to COMMENT!!!


. just some designs .

This is what bre does in what spare time she has! :) Plus, I wanted to get some samples up of some of the other sizes of announcements and invitations I offer. So, ENJOY! And be sure to contact me for any of your designing needs!

First design is a 5x5 Tri-fold (Click to see larger)
5x7 Wide Fold (Click to see larger) Email for a price quote for this size
Next two are 5x7 single side

Designs are limitless. I will work one on one with you to create a unique design just for you. Thanks to the amazing technology called "the Internet", I am able to take orders from wherever you are in the world...so, feel free to browse around my designs site, and email me with your pictures and ideas!