More Designs

Here are a few random designs I’ve done in the past few days.

A 5×7 Birth Announcement

A 5×7 Double Sided Christmas Card (which I love!)
 4×8 Christmas Card

 18×12 Storyboard (Got it yesterday and it’s gorgeous!)


Wedding Announcements

Here are a couple of designs I’ve done recently. The first is a 5×7 Double Sided, and the second is a 5×7 folded. (top is front and back, bottom is inside spread). Each announcement can be fully customized to fit your liking!


Hulme Family

One of the best parts of my job is getting in touch with old friends. Chase and I have been friends since high school, but I hadn’t seen him since he before he went on his mission. I have never met his wife or his little boy either, so I was super excited when Mary contacted me to do their family pics. It was great to see Chase again and to meet Mary and their cute little guy. What a cute family! Thanks guys!

Here are just a few of my faves!


Little "J" Hulme | Sneak Peek

Isn’t he ADORABLE!!! I love his big brown eyes and all his hair. What a cute kid…More of this little guy and his mom and dad to come real soon!


Whitney & Nathan | Wedding

Alright, so I’m like forever late with this post. Volleyball is ALMOST over!! YAY!!! That means I’ll have more time to do this other fun stuff. Anyway, so here are some pictures from Whitney & Nathan’s wedding. ENJOY!


Holiday Cards!

Alright everyone…it’s that time of year…Even though the holidays are still a few months away, it’s time to start thinking about getting your Holiday Cards sent out. I offer a variety of sizes and style, and would love to work one on one with you to design your unique cards! What’s a better way to show off your darling families than with a custom-designed photo card! Here are some samples of sizes and some new styles. I have many different backgrounds and elements to help create a one of a kind card. Check them out: (click on images to see larger)

I absolutely ADORE these 5×5 tri-folds. Of course it could be the cute kids…
 5×7 wide-folds can fold horizontally like below or vertically.

How it works: browse through my designs and pick out something you like (or if you want something totally different, that’s okay too!) Email me your photos and ideas to btaphotography@hotmail.com. The more descriptive you are, the faster I can have a proof to you. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, just tell me all of your ideas, and I’ll come up with something. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE DESIGNS ABOVE!

The proofing process is free, and I can generally have a proof back to you within 24 hours. Once the proofing process is complete, and you are 100% happy with what we’ve come up with, I will send it in to be printed. Before I can send it in however, I will need to receive the payment in full. I currently accept cash or cashier's check, or can take payments through PayPal. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive your order, unless you are ordering a digital copy only, then you will receive that as soon as payment is received. No refunds unless an error is made on my end. I will NEVER send your order to printed until I receive a 100% OKAY from you.

I will also accept photos not taken by me. Sometimes the candid photos make for the best cards. However, if the photos are not done by me, then I will need a copyright release from the photographer.

Wow! That was a lot of info! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I’ll be happy to work with you!


Davis Family

Alright, so I may be a little bias, but this is one of the cutest families EVER!!! Holy cows these kids are the cutest things ever. I just want to squeeze them! Oh wait…I did…haha…this family is my sister and her hubby and kids. They live like a million miles away, so we rarely get to see them. Thanks to my sister getting married in August, and my brother coming home from his mission in July, they made the trip up here with a 3 year old, and 8 month old twins! This is the first time I’ve ever met the twins, and oh my heck they’re even cuter in person!! Different as can be, but so cute. Lilli is such a character. I’ll have to post some pics I took of her just randomly. It was so much fun to have them here, and we hope that when they move next year, they don’t move TOO FAR away!!

This is Aidan. He’s the baby of the family. We had such a hard time getting a single picture of him. He did NOT want to be put down, so his dad is holding him in this picture. But he is SO cute!!

Nope, they’re not identical (obviously!) But this is Alex. He is so funny. He’s always happy and smiling, and again, such a doll! Love him!

This is Lilli. She is so cute, right? And such a character. The first day they got to our end of the world, I was playing with her outside and I stepped on a pine needle (I call them pricklies) and I said, “oooh Ouch!” And Lilli asked me what happened, so I told her, and about 2 seconds later, she said, “Ooooh, Ouch!” I asked her what happened, and she said, “I stepped on a prickly!” haha…what a nerd. She is just so fun, and I love her lots.

And here is the cute family! I love this picture, even though the kids aren’t looking at the camera. I just think it’s darling!


More Cute Wedding Announcements

So, a while back Shay contacted me about doing her wedding announcements. She asked for ideas, then gave me her ideas, and this is what we came up with…I think it’s pretty darn cute! :) It’s a 5×5 fold, and she ordered inserts which have the same design with the dots and the stripe.

Very cute, right? I thought so too! :) I absolutely LOVE designing announcements, so if you’re in need of any (wedding, graduation, birth, Christmas cards, etc) Just shoot me an email. I also will create just the digital file if you don’t want to print through me. Any questions, just let me know!


Rembacz Kids

So, these kids are part of the family reunion that I photographed over at Bear Lake. Only this time, I met them in Wyoming to do their pics. I’m so glad I was able to, because when I saw them the first time I just thought they were all adorable! And, well, look and see for yourself! They are some cute kids! (Even if they all weren’t so excited to have me photograph them again! ;) Anyway…

Isn’t she just adorable! We could’ve done pics all day with this cute one! :)

I just think they’re all adorable! And it was fun to shoot older kids who know what I’m talking about when I move them around! :) And it helps when the kids are as cute as they were!

Nacey Family

Seriously! Check out these blue eyed SUPER CUTE children!! Though my mother-in-law hopes Greg and I’s children will have my brown eyes…I gotta say I’ve always wanted blue eyed kids. I guess we’ll see when that day comes…for now, I’ll just enjoy these darling blue eyed kids!!!
(And for those of you who know their mother…don’t they look just like her?!? Super cute!) ENJOY!


Rembacz Family

I was able to go over to Bear Lake to meet up with a fun family. They were having their family reunion, and since some of the family lives super far away, they wanted to get some family pictures while they were all together. Here are some of the pics.

And last but not least, Kandyce’s wedding announcement.
 (pictures taken by Melissa Bolton (Clay’s sis-in-law)


Custom Designs | Wedding Announcements

Here are a few more designs, using some of Kandyce and Clay’s engagements. I will be posting the one that they used later, along with a SUPER cute one that I just designed! Until then…enjoy! (names and dates have been changed)

(Remember, any design can be altered to your liking…fonts, colors, layout, etc! The choice is yours!)
First is a 5×7 Double sided announcement (can also be a single sided!)

4×8 single sided (same design as Lacee’s)

5×5 Fold (same design as the ADORABLE one I just designed!)

And my FAVE one!


Sneak Peeks of Late

This is what I've been up to lately...

The BEST BFF’s I know (aka my volleyball girls that I’m gonna miss!)

A super cute couple (aka my cousin through my husband)

And the most gorgeous bride ever (aka my sister)