Jessie | Bridals

Here are a few more of Jessie’s bridals. Stay tuned for part II of the formals, and the wedding day!


Jessie & Kelly | Wedding Announcement

So, now that these guys are married, I thought I would post their wedding invitations that I totally LOVED!! They are 5×7 and double sided. I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, but I will mention it again. If you are looking for a 5×7 announcement, I would HIGHLY recommend adding printing to the back. These are such beautiful announcements. I love them! :) They picked one of my 5×7 templates from the website (www.btadesigns.com) and customized it with their colors, their choice of font, and added the back! Just thought I would share!
I also wanted to add one of Jessie’s bridals that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED!


Jessie & Kelly | Formals

Alright, here is a sneak peek from the formal shoot today. It was a gorgeous day, but we got started a little late, so we were running out of light fast. I’m glad we have another day to shoot with more light! :)

 The temple looked so cool with the lights reflecting off of the pool….


Baby 'M'

This little girl was such a joy to photograph. She was about 2 weeks old when we did this shoot, and she was oh so little! I love infants! Everything about them is just so easy. This little one’s mom found me through one of her old mission companions, Violet, one of my recent brides. Not only that, but when I showed up we were discussing what other Cokeville people we both knew (Violet and I are both from Cokeville), we found at that she was actually my sisters old roommate. It’s even more funny because about a week before, my sister and I were talking and she mentioned that her roommate from last year was having a baby. Turns out Elizabeth was that roommate. How random is that? It’s always fun meeting new people and learning that we may have something in common.

Anyway, onto the adorable pictures! :)