Jenna & Ernie Wedding Part II | Draper, Utah

Alright! So I am SOOOOO excited to post these pictures. Jenna and I have been friends for what seems like forever. I remember back when I was a freshman, and she and our other friend Lindsay were 7th graders and we would do our track warm-ups together and laugh and giggle and talk about boys…from then on I have quite a few memories with her…volleyball trips, basketball trips, track trips, celebration, letting her and Linds drive my car under age! (YIKES!) But we had a lot of good laughs. But then I graduated, she moved, and we saw each other very little. We’d talk every now and then, and when we did it was like we were best friends again. I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her wedding! It had been a couple of years since I’d seen her last, and to see her and her new hubby walk out of the temple…SO HAPPY and in LOVE…it made me so happy for her! She’s a gorgeous bride, and I love her lots and lots!!! And you can’t really tell from the pics, but it was a bitter cold day!! But the Draper temple is GORGEOUS, and it was fun to shoot there…just wouldn’t have minded it being a little warmer so we could’ve done a few more shots! lol…ENJOY!


Felicia | Bridals

I have to say…this is one of my most favorite shoots EVER!! Everything was perfect…the location, the lighting (with the help of an umbrella, lol) and the bride and company! I met Felicia through Lacey (who I coach with). and seriously, I don’t think I’ve met a nicer person than Felicia. I was so excited she asked me to do her bridals. I had to wait to post these so her hubby-to-be wouldn’t see them..but since they are now married. I get to post away! You’ll soon see why I love them so much! Check them out!


Jenna & Ernie Wedding Part I | Draper, Utah

Just wanted to post a few of Jenna & Ernie’s wedding. I’ll make a longer post later! But I just LOVE the way these turned out…and I love them even more in black & white! ENJOY!


A New Year

Already? And we’re nearly half-way through this first month! YIKES! Time flies! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season, and I hope that you all have an even Happier New Year!

To start out, I just wanted to share this comment I got on my blog earlier from a gal whose wedding announcements I designed: “i love how you did our invitations. all of our guests would not stop talking about them! thank you for making our special day even better :)” Ahhh….it totally made my day!! I love getting sweet comments like that!

It may take a while to get caught up, so we’ll get right to it, and start with the ‘A’ family that I shot before Christmas. Check it out!