Cake Inspiration: "Frozen"

I won't even begin to tell you how much time I spent on Pinterest looking up different party themes. "Frozen" seems to be one of the most popular birthday themes as of late, so I thought I would compile some of my favorite "Frozen" cakes.

For some reason, this cake by {K. Noelle Cakes} really caught my eye. I think it's the bright purple & blue, with those fun snowflakes all over. It's not overwhelming, but is a lot of fun.

Again, I think more than the actual details of the cake, I'm more attracted to the colors. I absolutely adore the colors of this next cake by: {Cakes by R.C.} I love the more pastel colors, with the glitter, and all the snowflakes.See more inspiration from this party {here}.

I am all about simplicity, and this next cake by {Peridot Sweets} is a perfect vision of simplicity. There are just enough details so it's not boring, but not too much to make it overwhelming. I think my favorite part is the bottom tier. More of this party {here}.

Here is another fun, yet simple cake. I love the glitter throughout. {Cake Central}

While this cake wasn't the main cake for this party found at {Catch My Party}, I can't imagine why you'd need something more than this, especially surrounded by those gorgeous cupcakes.

And last, this fun Olaf cake by {Kosmic Custom Cakes}. How cool is this? I am amazed at the talents of others! More from this party {here}!

What do you think? Do you have any fun "Frozen" theme cakes that you love? I'd love to see them.